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Outdoor Decor to Transform Your Backyard

Is it time to revamp your homes outdoor living situation? Whether you need to stage the backyard for prospective buyers or simply replace outdoor furniture thats seen one too many seasons, there are plenty of decor options for breathing new life into your backyard....

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Set Your Kitchen Apart With These Features

Its no secret that the kitchen ranks highly among luxury homeowners. Often described as the heart of the home, this is where families gather together and make memories, which is why you want a cooking area thats a cut above the rest.Here are a few key features thatll...

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How to Stage Your Home With Holiday Cheer

Here are a few tips on how to stage your home during the holidays…Keep It SimpleTry going for an understated feel thats festive and inviting without being too personalized.Holiday Curb AppealGreeting guests with some holiday cheer at your front door is always...

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3 Marble Alternatives to Use In Your Home

When it comes to designing a luxurious kitchen or bathroom, few materials are as widely beloved as marble. Its literally been used for centuries thanks to the timeless and elegant appeal that it evokes, yet there are some drawbacks to this surface. Because marble is a...

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Where to Unplug at Home

These are the best spaces to have in your home for a digital detox.LibraryTheres nothing quite like curling up in a cozy chair and getting lost in a good book.Fitness AreaForget your worries while connecting with your body and taking care of yourself.Meditation RoomA...

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5 Steps to Keep Your Smart Home Safe

Ensure that your smart home is safe from potential threats with these steps.Create a Separate NetworkHave a separate wifi network for your smart devices to run on, which can be done without having to purchase an additional router.Review Privacy SettingsDo research to...

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5 Tips To Keep Your Smart Home Secure

So, you have a souped-up smart home thats supposed to make everything in your life more efficient and stress-free. The one catch that many luxury homeowners are now experiencing, however, is that these cutting-edge devices could be compromising their privacy and...

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