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Why should you hire a REALTOR® when purchasing a new construction home?

When was the last time you built a home? For most of us…never. For others, maybe once before. As with most things, times change, economies change, regulations change, etc. A licensed REALTOR®, with new construction training, has the education and experience to help you through this process.


1. A REALTOR® represents YOU.

The builder is focused on selling the home, which is their job and how they make money. A REALTOR® (licensed sales associate and member of the National Association of Realtors) is held to the Code of Ethics to represent your best interests in any real estate transaction.

2. You aren't paying the buyer-side commission.

Most of the time, the builder (like any other seller) is paying the buyer’s representation fee to the buyer’s brokerage. If a builder isn’t represented by a listing agent (selling the product on his or her own), the builder is basically a “For Sale By Owner”.  Some are willing to pay the fee for buyer representation and others are not. At Brockette Homes, we are always willing to approach the builder to understand the builder’s business model. If they are unwilling to pay our fee, you, as the buyer, may find it worthwhile to pay for our services, or you may choose to go forward unrepresented.

3. A REALTOR® ensures proper communications and documentation.

Communication is the number one factor for dissatisfaction in most service-related transactions. Misunderstandings, unclear expectations and out-right misrepresentation lead to frustration and unmet expectations. A skilled REALTOR® helps to negotiate through the process. You can be as involved as you choose. But your REALTOR® will ensure communications are documented and communicated so the process runs smoothly, issues are identified promptly, and mutually beneficial solutions are agreed upon. Your new construction REALTOR® has experience with best practices to make this an enjoyable experience.

4. A REALTOR® understands your needs.

Many builders are excellent at what they do…build homes. They are not necessarily experts in understanding client needs, setting up systems to ensure timelines are met and work is done to buyer satisfaction. Your REALTOR® is working for you to set up systems for a smooth transaction.

5. A REALTOR® will help you make informed decisions.

Every builder works differently and provides different products. Knowing what to ask helps set clear expectations. Your REALTOR® will help you consider many different aspects so you make informed decisions.

6. A REALTOR® will help you choose the right builder.

Your REALTOR® will schedule meetings with multiple builders for you to interview so you find the builder who best fits with your goals in mind, as well as you personally.

7. A REALTOR® can help you select a lot.

Who finds the lot? What limitations are intrinsic to a particular lot? What will it cost to prepare a lot? A REALTOR® will help you identify important lot characteristics you may not think of that relate to lot selection.

8. A REALTOR® can arrange for you to see a "finished product" before construction starts.

If you’re considering building a home vs. buying an already-completed home, your REALTOR® can find homes similar to the design you are considering.

9. REALTORS® are expert negotiators.

Your REALTOR® will help you work through the many terms, materials, and decisions that are involved with new construction housing. They negotiate deals for a living, so they are in their comfort zone when that time comes.

10. A REALTOR® can oversee a home inspection.

Just as you would if you were buying a pre-owned home, you should have a brand-new home inspected. A builder is unlikely to offer or suggest an inspection. A REALTOR® will work with you to arrange one and review the findings to ensure there are no surprises after move-in.

11. A REALTOR® will use market data to help you make good decisions.

What’s a fair price? Your REALTOR® will provide market data to help you know the fair market value of your home. Additionally, your REALTOR® can help you avoid over-improving if resale value is important to you in the future.

Why hire Brockette Homes for new home construction?

Beth and Alan Brockette have been representing new home construction buyers since Beth started in the business in 2010. Beth is a Certified New Home Specialist and Residential Construction Certified. Beth and Alan’s extensive communications training, relationships with local builders, and solid negotiation skills make them a great choice for buyers interested in contracting to build a new home or to purchase an already completed new home. The Brockettes incorporate systems into all of their processes, so accuracy and timeliness are cornerstones of their service.

As with all clients, you can expect a memorable real estate experience worthy of referral.

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