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Selling your home can be a large undertaking. We will be with you every step of the way, communicating each detail thoroughly.
What sells a home?
  • Desirable location
  • Compelling price
  • Good condition
  • Home’s features
  • Maximum exposure to willing & able buyers
  • Seller & REALTOR® with common goals
Why don't some homes sell?
  • Limited access to property
  • Buyers see significant defects with no price modification
  • Unprofessional or inexperienced real estate agent
  • Poor promotion to buyers who are ready to purchase
  • Unmotivated seller
How can a REALTOR® help?
  • Enhance the home’s value through professional presentation (repairs, staging, flyers, photos, remedies)
  • Develop pricing strategy to meet your goals
  • Provide maximum marketing exposure to qualified buyers
  • Place you in the strongest negotiating position
  • Maintain effective communications with you, potential buyers and other real estate agents
  • Turn an offer into cash at closing!   
Selling Your House Winter 2024

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