I’ve noticed more social media posts & witnessed while on walks or driving,  more people on their front porch or front lawns.  Humans need community!  This got me thinking whether or not we’ll see changes in housing trends due to our current experiences during the coronavirus pandemic.  Here are some of the trends I’m thinking of:

  • Front Porches: Will there be a greater desire for front porches? Will people start valuing their neighborhood community more & enjoy sitting on their front porch with their favorite beverage, chatting with neighbors out for walks?  My parents had a wonderful wrap-around porch.  They could often be found sitting together on their porch enjoying impromptu visits with friends & neighbors.  Doesn’t that sound relaxing?
  • Home Offices: Often buyers will tell me they no longer have a need for an office in their home. They have laptop computers, tablets, etc. & can work from wherever they want.  That is true & I do that myself.  This works great for an hour or two.  But if you have to work full-time from home, or if you want the option to do so, having a dedicated workspace is so much more productive.  See my blog post about setting up a home office, if you are currently finding yourself working from home.
  • Dining rooms: The family table is all but gone!  Gathering the family around a table is something from the past for many modern families.  With so many activities, families are rarely at home for meals together.  Well, that changed in the blink of an eye when shelter-at-home mandates started popping up!  We may just decide this is a pretty good idea.  And with the inability to spend time with our extended families, the idea of getting together around a dinner table rather than a television, just might make a comeback.  So maybe the dining room will be back in-trend.  And when we aren’t eating together, we can use the space for homework, craft projects, puzzles…all the things we now realize can bring us together as a family.
  • Gardens: Our food supply is precious.  While the pandemic hasn’t caused food supply shortages, it does make you think about where our food comes from & food safety.  Will more people decide they would like to grow their own fresh fruits & vegetables?  Maybe more people will start canning & freezing their garden produce.  This trend has been increasing & I think it will continue to grow.
  • Located near walking trails: We realize just how nice it is to get outside for some fresh air after we’ve been cooped up in our homes for days.  So many people are at the gym or yoga classes & miss the opportunity to get outside.  Just being able to walk a block to a nice trail full of nature’s abundance gives us exercise, increases our lung capacity & gives us a sense of calm. Again, this is a trend that has been building.  Our cities continue to connect & develop more trails.  We are blessed to have great options. See the Linn County Trails website at linncountytrails.org.

Here is a link to an article that has other thoughts about housing trend changes impacted by this episode in time.
I’d love to hear your thoughts, as you spend more time at home.  What are the features you wish your current home had or what features of your home have been a real blesssing?  Give me a call or post your thoughts.  Stay safe. Stay healthy.  And … wash your hands!