Just a quick check-in.  First Alan & I want to thank all of you for supporting us in our real estate business.  10-years ago I left the security of a 30+ year career at Alliant Energy to venture into the unknown world of real estate.  It was a big leap for our family but it’s been a great decision.

We are only successful because you where there for us.  Whether it was encouragement, referrals or business through buying or selling, you make the difference!  So thank you to each of you.

You’ll be seeing some changes over the next month or so. Updated professional head shots…Realtors are notorious for taking a good photo and keeping it for YEARS!  We want you to recognize us, so we have new photos that we are in the process of using to update all our marketing materials, business cards, etc.

BrocketteHomes.com is our way to provide you with information about real estate.  You can search for homes, but you can also find suggestions for contractors, ideas about prepping your home for sale, first steps in the buying process, testimonials and many, many blog or vlog articles to help you learn more about real estate and our communities.  The website is getting a new look and will be more mobile friendly.  We’ll let you know when we’re ready to launch.

Soon I’ll be posting a vlog (video blog) about residential use of solar energy.  Several homeowners graciously agreed to be interviewed regarding their experiences in having homes with solar arrays.  I also talk with a solar panel installer who shares new technologies and trends.

We keep working hard to stay current and informed about all things real estate and share that knowledge with you.  If you visit BrocketteHomes.com and have any suggestions for improvement, blog topics, information to add, ways to enhance the user experience, we’d love to hear from you.

Thanks again for following us over the past 10-years.  We’re excited to continue to serve you.