Photo of the book "The 12 Week Year"

Just wanted to check-in with you after I mentioned some goals I have been working toward. A few months ago, I shared a few books I had been reading and how I was attempting to implement the ideas to improve my success and quality of life.

The 12-Week Year, by Moran & Lennington, kicked things off. It really helps to move me to action. Chunking out 12 weeks to accomplish goals helps limit procrastination. I really saw that in action, as it took about a month or so for me to wrap my head around some of the tasks needed to accomplish the goals I set out. Ultimately that caused me not to meet my goals, but once I got going, I certainly made progress.

One goal was to lose 10 lbs. I lost 4, but … I lost weight, and the huge accomplishment was that I started walking on the dreaded treadmill most days for at least 30 minutes! That’s a habit that was really difficult for me since I’m not a morning person.
My mark-and-wipe calendar
Another book I’m working on is Atomic Habits, by James Clear. It has so many good ideas on how to impact change in your life. One of the things that motivated me to exercise daily was the simple idea of a calendar with a check for each day that I would move for 30 minutes. Another “ah-ha” moment was realizing that when I regularly go to bed between 9:30 and 10:30 pm, I’m ready to get up (by alarm) at 5:30. This sets everything in motion for a successful day.

You might also check-out the website I found a great daily action planner there. While I have other ways to track actions for transactions, listings, customer service and marketing, the list gets long and sometimes overwhelming. This tablet has one sheet per day that starts with activities you identify as your “daily rhythm”– the activities that set the tone for your day. (Ex: exercise, meditation/prayer, gratitudes, etc.) Then you can identify the one, most important task you need to complete that day. Next is a list of 4-5 other important tasks, and some quick wins that can be accomplished during some down time. And then what I really like is a section for things I should NOT do! Maybe delegate, postpone or choose to pass.
Beth Brockette in her bike helmet
What are you finding successful in reaching your goals? What’s making life more organized, allowing you to have more balance? I’d love to hear about your accomplishments and your challenges!