One of the most popular requests among luxury homebuyers today is that their next residence is eco-friendly. While there are many ways to maximize your homes sustainability, one of the best ways to do so is to embrace smart home technology. In particular, millennials, who now represent the largest share of homebuyers, have demonstrated an affinity for properties that utilize this. If youre interested in lowering your homes impact on the environment, here are a few different types of tech that can do just that.

Smart Thermostat
One of the greatest conveniences of a smart thermostat is that it can learn to intuitively heat or cool your home based on personal preferences. As a result, it knows that you might not need the heat on in the master bedroom during the day or in the kitchen at night, for example. By automatically adjusting to your routine, numerous studies have shown that smart thermostats are an effective way to lower energy consumption at home. Furthermore, if youre on the go and forgot to turn off the air conditioning, you can always take control using your smartphone.

Smart Window Treatments
Solar exposure plays an integral role in sustainable design. If you want to harness the sun as a natural heat source in the winter, smart blinds can be programmed to automatically open at the perfect time to let sunlight pour into your home throughout the day and close when they no longer receive direct light to minimize heat loss. During the summer, the process can be reversed to prevent sun exposure from raising the energy required to cool your home with air conditioning.

Smart Lights
Of course, lighting the home is a major source of energy consumption and a smart light system can help to reduce that. Whether you have lights set to automatically dim in the evening or only turn on when a room is being used, there are plenty of ways that it can make a difference. Similar to a smart thermostat, you can always double-check that you remembered to turn all the lights off using your smartphone when youre away from the house.

Published with permission from RISMedia.