Todays buyers are often looking for a home thats both connected and promotes a healthy lifestyle, so it makes sense then that these two concepts can go hand-in-hand. Here are several fascinating ways that technology can help to improve health and well-being at home.

Wellness Intelligence Systems
Most smart home systems will give you control of gadgets around the house and let you monitor things like energy usage or water consumption. However, wellness systems like Darwin by Delos will actively purify your air and water, while providing you with real-time data on the level of contaminants in your living environment. For those who want to ensure their home is free of any pollutants, these systems are exactly what you need.

Smart Fitness
Exercise is a crucial component of any healthy lifestyle, and theres certainly no shortage of technology to support this at home. Smart fitness equipment like Mirror, Tonal or Peloton makes it easy to connect with professional trainers and create a personalized regimen that you can keep up with from the comfort of your home.

Touch-Free Tech
Regardless of how much cleaning you do, germs are going to find their way into the home. One way to limit their ability to spread, though, is to utilize the latest touch-free technology, particularly in the places that get the most germs. A smart faucet, for instance, allows you to wash your hands without having to make contact with it. Perhaps even better, a smart toilet will automatically flush and sanitize itself, eliminating the need for you to touch this germ-ridden part of the home.

Smart Shades and Lighting
The importance of a good nights sleep is often overlooked, but theres no denying that it plays a key role in our overall health. Thats why you might want to harness technology that helps to make your bedroom the best possible sleep environment, such as smart lights that naturally dim in the evening and align with your circadian rhythm. High-tech shades that automatically open in the morning to wake you with natural light can also help to regulate your sleep cycle and leave you feeling more energized.

Published with permission from RISMedia.