It’s been a little while since I posted.  There are a couple of things I wanted to share with you that I think could be helpful.

Just an update on the most recent book I’m reading, “The Book of Beautiful Questions” by Warren Berger.  Using questions to make better decisions or even to make a decision has been helpful.  With all the challenges we’re facing today, a person can easily be overwhelmed and sometimes frozen when it comes to making decisions.  The next section is about creativity, which I think will be really intriguing.

Accountability has come up in other messages.  My two favorite accountability partners are 1) MyFitnessPal and 2) Fitbit.  A little reward for my progress was a Fitbit 4 Charge.  It’s been fun to track my sleep.   And, wow, how far I’ve come this year regarding movement!  When I started trying to get back into regular movement, 2000 steps was a challenge each day.  Now, with a 45 min treadmill session and 250 steps ever few hours, 10,000 steps is very attainable.  Hope you are finding ways to get movement into your day.

One real estate related item is for those of you who may own a home built between the 1940’s and early 1970’s.  During WWII, steel/iron were directed to the war effort.  Sewer lines needed to be made of other materials.  Orangeburg sewer line was developed.  It’s a paper/tar type of material that actually shows up black, not orange, in a sewer scope.  It was effective, but eventually will collapse.  We’ve seen many challenges for buyers and sellers when orangeburg sewer line is in place.  More and more insurance companies are now offering a rider for sewer lines, and orangeburg collapse could be covered.  Check with your insurance agent.  I’m told it can be added for less than $50 annually.  Replacing this sewer line costs thousands of dollars, and the extra protection could be well worth it.

The Advent season has begun and, like everything else in 2020, it’s going to be different.  I certainly am thinking about those who have suffered from illness or death of loved ones.  It seems to be impacting me more and more with the passing of several people who have been mentors and second families to me.  While being with family may be harder this year or maybe you will decide to self-isolate, this can also be a time to have a slower season, a more thoughtful season than most years.  Christmas isn’t really about all the presents or food or family.  Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.  This year is a perfect opportunity to focus our celebrations toward this meaning.   Some of you may be of a different faith, I certainly respect that.  Look for meaning in your own special way.

Have a happy holiday season, from our home to yours!