No matter where you are looking at real estate, Brockette Homes can help!  Of course we are licensed to sell real estate in Iowa and specialize in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City and surrounding areas.  But we can offer assistance anywhere in the world!
How does this work?  It’s called referral business.  Maybe you are relocating to another location for work.  Or you may have out-of-state family members who need real estate help but don’t know a local agent.  Some of our friends and family have considered buying a second home or a place to spend winter months.  Whatever the situation, you probably don’t know much about these other markets.
The Brockette Homes team can assist in several ways:

  • We research and find a great local agent to help you in the area of interest.  There are several different ways that we identify a REALTOR® who will best serve you.  We might recommend one specific agent or several for you to choose from.
  • Through this research, a lot of information is gathered about the real estate market.  Each area is different, so it helps to understand the market that you’re considering.
  • During the home sale or purchase process, if there is anything that is confusing, needs a creative solution, or just doesn’t seem to be going right, we can help identify solutions or gather more information to provide clarity.

Never think that this is a bother!  We benefit from this referral process too!  It’s great to meet real estate agents and learn about their business and it’s extremely useful to expand our knowledge about other markets.  In the past, we’ve been able to help clients because of solutions learned through these conversations.  And agents pay each other a small referral fee when a transaction closes.  It doesn’t cost buyers or sellers anything, but is a fee that real estate agents are happy to offer to each other in exchange for the opportunity to serve new clients.
This year we’ve sent referrals to agents in South Carolina, Maryland, Arizona and also within Iowa for clients who were moving for jobs, our out-of-state family buying their first home, friends whose parents’ home needed to be sold and one person considering a second home after retirement.
Another resource we offer is  This is a website where you can explore the idea of owning a second/vacation home.  It’s not set up for searching listings, but for working through your options.  We’d love to see this be a more interactive site and we welcome guest bloggers who have purchased second homes, invested in rental property outside our market or found the perfect place to retire.
Whenever you feel bewildered about anything real estate related, the Brockette Homes team is your knowledgeable, trusted real estate advisor!