In luxury real estate, we hear a lot about homes that bring the outdoors inside. This often has different meanings, such as expansive views of nature or a seamless transition from the interior to the exterior. However, another way to achieve this is to make your home lush with plants. If youre the type who enjoys a living space thats bursting with greenery, here are a few features to look for in your next home.

Oversized Windows
You dont need a green thumb to know that plants require an abundance of natural light if theyre going to stay healthy. Thats why large windows that allow the light to pour in are essential, especially when you plan to introduce a wide variety of specimens. Some plants need direct sunlight all day while others need a mere few hours of indirect light, but youll be able to accommodate all types as long as you have the exposure.

High Ceilings
High ceilings are an absolute must for plant lovers. For starters, it usually means youll have large windows and more sun exposure, but in addition to that, its necessary if you plan to bring your trees indoors without overwhelming the entire room. Unless you plan on getting rid of your beloved fiddle leaf fig, youll certainly want to pay attention to ceiling height.

Ledges and Planters
When it comes to embracing plants, some houses go above and beyond with their design details. Ledges and built-in planters, for example, provide the perfect spot for decorating with a touch of nature. Also, keep an eye out for small nooks or alcoves, which are great for filling with larger plants.

Taking the idea of large windows and going one step further, solariums are the ultimate home feature for plant lovers. With walls and ceilings made entirely of glass, you can grow practically anything in this space all year round and bask in the sunlight while doing so. After all, its essentially a greenhouse inside your home.

Published with permission from RISMedia.