The winter can be a tough time to show your home at its best. Landscaping, outdoor seating areas and scenic views often lose their luster during the colder months, while interiors are more likely to feel dark and dreary. As the seasons begin to change, here are a few ways that you can address these challenges and ensure that your home maintains its appeal when you put it on the market this winter.

Landscape Clean-Up
A lawn thats full of dead leaves and other debris can be a major eyesore. Thats why its important to do a clean-up around the property at the end of autumn. This is a good opportunity to trim and prune plants, put away the patio furniture and replace old mulch to show that your grounds are well cared for. It might not be as breathtaking as a lush summer garden, but the outside of your home will still look much better after a clean-up.

Keep It Cozy
You can add extra appeal by making the inside of your home feel warm and inviting. Cozy throws are great for decorating with once temperatures drop, and winter-friendly fabrics, like plaids and flannels, will always lend visual warmth. Seasonal aromas, such as cinnamon or pumpkin, can also contribute to the experience when prospective buyers are viewing your home. And, of course, make sure that your fireplaces are in working order so you can light a roaring fire to keep everyone toasty.

Look to the Lighting
When the sun starts setting earlier, lighting becomes all the more important. Try to capture as much natural light as possible during the day and make sure that your home is well lit in the evenings because it can easily be dark outside once a late afternoon showing ends. Installing a smart light system can be useful for setting your lights to automatically turn on at the right time each day.

Published with permission from RISMedia.