If youre an avid art collector, then you are probably aware that the biggest threat facing your collection is damage that occurs while in transit or during installation. However, the last thing you want to deal with during an already stressful moving process is having one of your favorite works of art improperly cared for. When its time to package the collection and ship it to your new address, here are few helpful tips to keep in mind.

Get Art Insurance
Before you do anything, make sure that every valuable item is insured because even the act of packing can potentially harm a delicate canvas painting. Fine art insurance will keep you covered in the event of catastrophe and, while youll hopefully never need it, the fact of the matter is that accidents do happen when priceless artwork is being transported.

Art Handlers
Unless youve received professional training, this is probably not the time to show off your DIY skills. Moving a masterpiece is a serious undertaking and there are services readily available to handle it every step of the way. Whether its just one piece or an expansive collection, these companies will use custom-made crates to mitigate risk and carefully install your art upon arrival at your new home.

Qualified Movers
If you have a beloved collection but may not feel its necessary to bring in professional art handlers, at the very least its important to make sure that your moving company has experience with valuable items. From inherited antiques to your childrens first drawings, irreplaceable items come in many forms and your moving company needs to understand the significance of each and every piece.

Climate-Controlled Storage
Sometimes, logistics require that your artwork be put in storage, either for short or long term, before being installed in your new home. If thats the case, its essential to choose a facility that knows how to care for precious works and can provide climate-controlled storage.

Published with permission from RISMedia.