Home theaters are becoming more commonplace as homeowners look to create convenient, comfortable and fun spaces where their families and guests can sit back and enjoy the show. If youre planning to upgrade an existing home theater, or perhaps install a new one, youll want to be sure itll provide the best viewing experience for years to come”and that means top-of-the-line fixtures, furniture and electronics.

Finding a contractor who can source the best-quality wiring, lighting fixtures and electronics is an important factor in creating a high-end home theater that conforms to your expectations, say the design experts at HGTV. Youll want to be sure that all the wiring is discreetly secreted behind the walls, so make sure that as the space is being built out, the wiring scheme is accounted for early in the process.

When it comes to the audio-visual and electronic equipment, the sky is the limit in terms of sight, sound and media delivery. You might choose to pair a giant projection screen with a set-top box that can serve HD content, or opt for a more traditional setup of a big-screen TV and Blu-ray player. Whichever way you’re leaning, you’ll want to give your theater installer free rein to select the best audio-visual products on the market.

Now you can turn your attention to the decor. Many high-end home theaters reflect a traditional cinema feel, featuring stadium seating, noise-cancelling wall paneling, and furniture with special features and amenities. The scope and layout of the room will be a major consideration when it comes to the variety of furniture and accessories you’ll choose.

Larger, more elaborate home theaters sometimes employ a design that reflects a movie-house experience with fixed armchair seating, while smaller spaces may be more akin to a luxurious media room and feature arrangements of chairs and couches where guests can simply settle in where they please.

Remotes have become very customizable. Some let you program them using your PC, while others use your smartphone to allow you to customize everything from dimming the lights and changing the temperature to getting the program started, all with the touch of a button on the backlit display of the remote.

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