Straw Stick and Brick home construction imagesWe all know the fairytale, The Three Little Pigs.  Three personalities, three solutions, one better than the other two.  What about home construction today?

Believe it or not, straw is used in some trending home construction technologies!

Sticks might be a stretch, but the majority of the homes built in the United States are considered “stick-built” homes.  Constructed on-site, the home is built, “stick-by-stick” with lumber.

And who doesn’t love the brick home?  Depending on where you are, the use of brick for building homes will vary.  Abundant clay is a significant reason you see many brick homes in the South and Southeast United States.  While sturdy, the lower cost of wood for framing and vinyl siding, the lack of skilled craftsmen and other factors have caused brick-built homes to be on the decline.

With concerns about the rising price of lumber, skilled labor shortages and sustainability in home construction, new technologies are emerging.  We have to be open to new looks and processes, and change is hard!  Educating yourself on innovations in home construction is a first step.

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