Across the country, many empty nesters are experiencing the same situation: their adult kids are moving back in. Accommodating your grown children, however, can be a challenge for various reasons. When the kids move out, its quite common for empty nesters to convert unused bedrooms for other purposes or even sell the family home and downsize. As a result, many are now in need of a residence thats better suited for multi-generational living. If this sounds familiar, here are several features to look for in a home where everyone can comfortably live together.

Fully-Equipped Guest Quarters
When they were younger, a simple bedroom would do the trick. Now that theyre adults, though, that might not be enough. A home with an in-law suite or guest house will provide enough space so that you wont have to worry about stepping on each others toes, especially if theres a separate kitchen where they can do their own cooking.

Suitable Workspace
With the rise in remote work, its important that theres enough space for everyone to work from home. Unfortunately, the kitchen table is not a great long-term solution when the whole family is under one roof. You might even want to have a couple of separate work areas so that there arent any disruptions when someone has to get on a conference call.

Places for Personal Time
Family time is always enjoyable, but too much of it might become overwhelming. Make sure youre still able to get some alone time in different parts of the house, like a home gym or a quiet library thats perfect for disappearing in a book.

Amazing Master Suite
Nothing beats a comprehensive master suite where you can escape for privacy. It may take some time to get used to having the kids back home, but a sumptuous, spa-like bathroom will certainly help keep you relaxed.

Published with permission from RISMedia.