For many luxury buyers, the perfect home is often one where your family can maintain a sense of balance. Its a place thats designed for work, play and living a healthy lifestyle all under one roof. Ideally, this will provide a stress-free environment that promotes both physical and mental well-being. If this sounds like what youre looking for, here are several features to keep in mind when searching for your next home.

Designated Work Spaces
An office or study is important for parents who work from home because it allows them to escape distractions and plugin for the day. Its also necessary, however, for the little ones to have their own workspace where they can study and get their schoolwork done. Unfortunately, a high-traffic area, like the kitchen table, can be a difficult spot for kids to stay focused each day.

Ability to Exercise
Whether its a fully-equipped home gym or access to nearby walking trails, everyone feels better when theyre able to incorporate some exercise into their daily routine. Being active isnt just about staying fit, but also reducing stress and sleeping better at night. This is especially important for children because it instills healthy habits in them at an early age.

Activity Spaces
We all likely spend too much time staring at screens, even though we know its not great for us. Its easier to be more productive with your free time when your home caters to different activities. Setting up a space for your hobbies, like a music room or a painting studio, for example, can help to offer relaxation at the end of each day. A recreation room with games for the whole family is another fun way to put your phones down and reconnect once everyones finished their work.

Outdoor Areas
Everyone feels better when they can get outside for fresh air. For the kids, that usually means having a backyard where they can run around and play. Parents, of course, might be more interested in a well-designed seating area with a view where they can relax, grill or entertain friends and family. The right space will depend on your specific needs, but theres no denying the importance of having ample outdoor space to enjoy nature.

Published with permission from RISMedia.