Maybe it started at the first of the year.  Looking toward your future, you saw possibilities and opportunities.  This might be the year to sell your home and move to your next adventure.  Quite often, this is a seller’s scenario.  They want everything to be perfect and Spring seems like the right time to sell.  Spring and Summer do tend to be the busiest months for home selling, but with it comes increased competition.

To be the home that attracts buyers that see value and bring the best price, it’s worth some preparation to make your house shine.  We read a lot about “staging” but just what does that entail?  The most important staging you can do in preparing your home for sale has to do with the 3 C’s:

Clean…This means everything!

Outside, power wash your siding, deck and windows.  Remove debris from the yard after snow has melted and reveals what was left over from fall.  Organize and sweep out your garage and shed.

Inside, do the deep clean.  Pull furniture away from the walls to get behind to clear out dust and touch up walls.  Go through cabinets, drawers and closets to clean out the crumbs and dust bunnies.  Don’t forget light fixtures and cobwebs.  Of course your kitchen and bathrooms should sparkle.

Clear…You’re getting ready to move, right?

Now’s the time to start thinning out the stuff you haven’t used in years.  Get a few bins and mark: Donate, Return, Pitch, Treasurers AND Undecided.  You can quickly get distracted trying to decide if you should keep that precious vase of Grandma’s that hasn’t seen the light of day.  Don’t spend too much time on it…just added it to the Undecided bin.  At least you have it identified and can go back when you’re ready to move and decide what to do with it.  For now, just keep clearing!  You’ll find your home is easier to keep clean and picked up with less stuff.

And don’t forget to declutter your furnishings.  Somehow we keep accumulating extra furniture.  The goal is to make your home feel spacious.  So while those 3 recliners in the living room are perfect for binge-watching your favorite TV shows, maybe you can get by with 1 for now.  Consider if you really want to move this old furniture into your new house or if donating some pieces might be a better solution.

You love your home and your decor.  When you move to your next home, you can make it your own.  But while you are trying to attract buyers, it’s a good time to start detaching from your current place.  By de-personalizing, you will attract more buyers and you feel less attached, making it easier to say good-bye and more exciting to move on.

Correct…Most Buyers aren’t looking for projects!

And if they are, they are also looking for a deal.  If you want top dollar, take care to correct the deferred maintenance around your home. If it’s not fixed by now, it’s probably because you aren’t sure how to fix it or don’t have the time.  Ask your REALTOR® for recommendations.  They usually know a handyman/woman who can help you out.  Be willing to spend a little up front to make the best first impression.  And even the little things like light bulbs make a big difference.  If your house hasn’t had any updates since you bought it, fresh paint, new cabinet hardware and a professional carpet cleaning will go a long way to improve appearance.

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