Punxsutawney Phil has spoken!  Six more weeks of winter.  We can crab about it or we can embrace it.  I’m not talking about the real condition of seasonal depression.  If you are suffering from that, please find support.   There are treatments/professionals that can help, and you shouldn’t suffer in silence.

But if you are like me and just feeling a bit down about the cold and gloom, here are some ideas I’ve been thinking about to help put a smile back on my face.

Book Cover - The 12 Week Year1.  Change your mindset.  This can be as simple as thinking about the next six weeks as a challenge or an opportunity to accomplish a goal or change a habit.  In 2020 I read a great book, “The 12 Week Year” by Moran & Lennington.  It’s easier to accomplish a goal within a short timeframe.

2.  Let the sunshine in!  When we are shut inside our homes with curtains drawn to keep out the cold, we lack sunshine, our best source of vitamin D. For a few hours a day, open up those blinds!  Maybe buy a new plant and watch it blossom.

3.  Embrace it.  A friend from Minnesota would always give this advice to people complaining about winter weather.  I agree– bundle up and get outside!  The fresh air is amazing.  Wilson’s Orchard has ice skating and other outdoor activities.  Snowshoeing can be done anywhere with 6″ of base snow.  The activity will keep you warm.

4.  Learn something new.  Turn off the television set.  Get out from in front of the computer.  Stimulate your mind.  What activity have you yearned to learn?  A new instrument, knitting, baking?  Why not now?!  YouTube, as we all know, can be a great source for instruction.

5.  Call a friend.  They will be so happy to hear from you!  We can easily get isolated in the winter and even more so now, with concerns about COVID-19 and its variants.  With video calls readily available, we can see smiling faces.  Have you tried apps like MarcoPolo?  Send a fun video to brighten a friend’s day.

6.  Music.  Enough said.  Music impacts mood.  So pick your genre, pick your source, but play some upbeat tunes.  And while you’re at it, why not sing and dance?!

7.  bedroom with yellow pillowAdd some color. It’s dreary outside, but it doesn’t have to be dull in your home.  Change out your accent pillows.  Pick up a bright-colored candle.  My mom always said, “Every room should have a little yellow.”  It will brighten your day.

8.  Pamper yourself.  What’s your favorite indulgence?  Now is a great time for some self-care.  A special treat for me is drinking tea from a china cup.  How about a soak in a luxurious bubble bath?  Whatever makes you feel relaxed and special, treat yourself.

9.  Skip town!  You don’t have to drive far to hit some warmer weather.  We love to visit Dallas, TX, for some family time, Tex-Mex food and 70-degree weather.  Even Colorado is more moderate in temperature and full of sunshine.  Where is your favorite, drivable destination?  Maybe now is the time for a quick trip.

10.  Plan for Spring.  What is it about spring that makes you excited?  For some people, it’s planting a garden or maybe that first BBQ, getting out on a bike trail, or taking a special trip.  Start planning for it now.  It gives you something joyful to look forward to.

If one of the things you’re planning for this spring is a change in your living arrangement, please give me a call.  Now is a great time to start thinking about what you need to do to have your home ready for the spring selling market.  Many get overwhelmed, which leads to inaction.  I’m happy to help you assess your home and prioritize preparation.  There are resources to help as well.

That does lead to another concern I’m hearing: “Beth, I know you can help me quickly sell my home for a great price right now, but how will I find a home to move to?”  We’ve helped many buyers with proven strategies in this “seller’s market”.  Don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams.

For all your real estate needs, contact me at 319-551-8692 or bethbrockette@ruhlhomes.com.