Today I want to speak to those of you considering selling your home.  We are at the time of year when those who have been thinking of listing their homes for sale start to get serious.  The weather is nice, yards are starting to look good, and homes may be spruced up for graduation parties, so sellers are ready!

But the current market has had some people hesitating.  What if you can’t find the home you want to buy?  Would later be better?  What’s the first step?

These are all good questions that can be worked through by speaking with your trusted real estate expert.  Sitting down with an experienced real estate agent to discuss your situation and your goals will help to develop a plan and set expectations.  With a plan in place, you can confidently move forward.

Also, speaking with a qualified lender will help you understand options for purchasing your next home.  In the current, fast-moving market, you must know how you can present your best offer. Trying to include a contingency on your home selling makes it very difficult to compete against multiple offers.  Both your lender and your REALTOR® can help you work through options.

Terms like “auction sale” or “offer period” are often being used for listed properties.  Offer period is the term I use when a seller presents their home for sale and sets a period of time when they will accept offers.  Both buyers and sellers have different opinions about an offer period used when selling a home.

Some buyers say they are not interested in listings with an offer period because they don’t want to be in a competitive situation.  However, we are in a fast-paced sellers’ real estate market, with more buyers actively looking for homes than there are homes available for sale.  An offer period allows a buyer to get a chance to see a property and time to make a good decision.

An offer period is also helpful to a seller by allowing them to get the best price for their home and give them adequate time to consider and respond to offers.

If you are thinking about selling your home, please know that we will always respect your timeframe.  It is never too soon to think through your options.  Contact us to set up a time to start discussions and set out a plan.  We look forward to working with you.