A beautiful garden is like a work of art. It requires considerable effort, creativity and practice to grow a little slice of paradise outside your home. Before you start planning one, however, you might need some inspiration. Here are several Instagram accounts that will deliver your daily dose of magnificent gardens to ogle over and get excited about.

If you love perfectly manicured gardens and formal outdoor spaces, then be sure to follow Gardens and Architecture. This account is full of stunning countryside homes from around the world that are surrounded by fountains, statuary and, of course, carefully maintained plantings.

Indoor gardening enthusiasts will get all the inspiration they need from Botanico Life. A self-described community for houseplant lovers, your feed will have an overload of imagery with philodendrons and fiddle leaf figs arranged in super stylish interiors that take the term green living to the next level.

This one is for the vegetable and herb gardeners. From beautiful heirloom tomatoes to spicy jalapeno peppers, Sustainable Sprout is a celebration of those who enjoy growing organic food in the backyard. If youre running your own little farm-to-table operation at home, this is definitely for you.

City dwellers who want to get in on the gardening will receive all the tips and inspiration they need from Big City Gardener. This account is way more than just pretty photos, as youll get helpful videos, infographics and even recipes that you can use once all your produce is ready to be harvested.

Garden Design Magazines Instagram account showcases all types of outdoor spaces, but it will be particularly appreciated by anyone who loves landscape design. They tend to share gardens that are thoughtfully incorporated into an outdoor living space where you can unwind and admire the natural beauty each day.

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