Theres a smart version for just about everything these days. From washing machines to thermostats and home security systems, chances are youre familiar with the vast majority of the latest home technology available. Yet, there are still plenty of lesser-known smart devices that you can bring into the house to make it more efficient and deliver peace of mind. Following are several such pieces of tech that anyone can appreciate.

Smart Plugs
With a smart plug, youre able to turn anything thats plugged into it on and off using your phone or voice commands. At first, you might ask why someone would ever need that. However, if you have an antique lamp, for example, that uses one of these plugs, you can essentially make it a smart lamp and take control of it from wherever you are.

Smart Switches
Youre probably already familiar with smart light bulbs, but another solution for remotely controlling the lights in your home is to install smart switches. With a smart switch, you dont have to worry about getting new smart bulbs every time one burns out, but you still enjoy all of the advantages, like voice and mobile control, so you can turn the lights on before you enter the house at night.

Smart Garage Door Openers
Theres nothing more unsettling than realizing that you forgot to close the garage door before leaving the house. Fortunately, smart garage door openers solve that problem by allowing you to open and close the door with your smartphone. They also recognize when you pull in the driveway, so the door automatically opens upon your arrival.

Smart Water Detectors
The consequences of a water leak can range from a steep monthly bill to a totally destroyed home. Either way, its never a good thing. A smart water sensor can detect if there are any leaks in your house and automatically shut the water off before it causes damage. While this is a practical piece of technology for any residence, its especially useful for second homes where you might not be around to notice when a leak starts.

Published with permission from RISMedia.