Whether you enjoy sailing, deep-sea fishing or simply anchoring at a nearby beach with family and friends, theres much to love about spending time on your boat. Of course, it helps when your house caters to this lifestyle, which is why boating enthusiasts often look for these four home features.

Dock Access
For those who want to simply pack up the cooler and get right on the water, nothing beats having a private deep-water dock just outside your house. Not surprisingly, this is a top priority for boaters who want convenience above all else. Another desirable option is to have access to an association dock or nearby marina that allows you to keep your boat close to home.

Boat House
Perhaps the only way you can go a step further than having a private dock is having one complete with a boathouse. Traditionally, these function as utilitarian spaces to keep smaller watercraft safe and secure from the elements, however, these days, they can also be used as an extension of the home. From guest accommodations to entertaining spaces directly on the water, a beautifully designed boathouse offers a wholly unique living area.

Extra Storage
For most boat owners, theres no such thing as having too much storage space. In the offseason, skiffs and smaller boats can be kept in an outbuilding on your property once they are taken out of the water. Additionally, youll probably need plenty of extra room for all of the other equipment that comes with owning a boat, like life jackets, paddles, fishing gear, water skis and more.

Vibrant Community
Birds of a feather flock together and this certainly rings true for boating enthusiasts. If you enjoy being around others who share your passion, then youll probably want to live somewhere with a thriving boating community. Bustling marinas, yacht clubs and dockside dining are just a few advantages of living somewhere with a vibrant maritime culture.

Published with permission from RISMedia.